742 12th St
Wilmette, IL

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Yin and Gong Bath with Julie and Gong Lab

Sunday, March 5th from 7-8:30pm
Cost is $25 the day. Class cards can NOT be used.

The combination of a Yin practice while bathed in the sounds of a gong and more is returning to Niyama! Julie will guide the Yin practice and Gong Lab will be here with drum, singing bowls, chimes and gongs providing the acoustics. A longer than usual savasana will conclude the practice.

Questions? Email Julie at juliesanford00@gmail.com

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Yoga for Tweens with Kids HeArt Yoga

Saturday, January 28th: 3:00-5:00pm

Cost:  $30 (art materials included). 

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This innovative program combines yoga and mindfulness with the arts, to co-create a place full of imagination, playfulness, movement and fun for kids of all ages. Children build strength and confidence within themselves and each other through various activities with yoga games, drama, art and music. The class begins with an art project that promotes self expression, kids actively move through related yoga poses using games, drama and music, and ends with a peaceful relaxation.
Class incorporates the importance of teamwork, empathy, self-confidence, and gratitude. Class will run for 2 hours.

Ages: 8-12. Drop off preferred. 

Questions? Email Aimee at aimeeheartsyoga@gmail.com 

You can also check out Kids HeArt Yoga for more

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Karma/Donations for 2017

Friday 6:30pm and Saturday 12:45pm will remain Karma/Donation based

The Friday 6:30pm Niyama Hot™ class
Jan 13th - Brad
Jan 20th - Brad
Jan 27th - Brad
Feb 3rd - Brad
Feb 10th - Brad

The Saturday 12:45 Karma Vinyasa class
Jan 14th - Brad (all levels)
Jan 21st - Theresa (all levels)
Jan 28th - Brad (all levels)
Feb 4th - Brad (all levels)
Feb 11th - Theresa (all levels)