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Karma/Donation – Niyama Hot Yoga™

Donation/Karma: Pay what you’d like.  (Suggested $5-10)

This class is done in a room heated to 95-98 degrees and is suitable for first-time students as well as long-time practitioners of yoga. During the first part, a slow warm-up prepares students for a series of standing poses which build in intensity through the internal heat created through breath and the length of the hold of the pose. There is an emphasis on core strength, twisting, standing forward folds and balance.

While the structure of each class is the same, allowing for each student to evaluate their own progress, each Niyama Hot Yoga™ teacher brings an individual and unique perspective to the practice through the use of variations. Modifications help keep students at a level that is comfortable for the individual. Strength, stamina, and flexibility are built as students detoxify through sweating. There are no arm balances, Inversions, push-ups or “down-dog” during this class. After the first part, the focus shifts to front body opening through a series of gentle, chest-expanding back-bends. During the final 15mins, quiet stretching is combined with relaxation breathing techniques to assist in the release of tension and anxiety. The class finishes with a few minutes of complete rest and stillness.

Pay what you’d like.  Suggested Donation: $5 – $10. 

2019’s Donations went to to The Warming House Youth Center and Haven Youth and Family Services

2018’s Donations went to showing Niyama some Love and having renovations done at the studio.

2017’s Donations for the Friday class went to Syd Rocks/Giving Rocks