I began my movement practice as a dancer at a very young age. Even before I could put a name to the beauty and complexity of mindful movement, my passion for it was undoubtably alive within me.

In college I attended my first yoga class. I was beginning to feel the toll that dance was taking on my body and wanted to explore a healthier and more anatomy-based movement practice. Yoga seemed like an obvious choice for me due to my flexibility, but I soon learned that the yoga practice runs miles deeper than the execution of poses.

I took some classes at various studios before I came to a point where I could no longer afford them. From here I worked to develop a home practice, primarily fueled by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Adriene’s videos not only helped me establish the basics of alignment and give me the confidence and foundation I needed for a home practice but inspired me to dive deeper into yoga as a personal and meaningful quest for something bigger than myself.

After completing my yoga teacher training at Yogaview in Chicago, the world of yoga cracked wide open for me. I now see the yoga practice as not only a personal tool for healing and exploration, but a way to attract more light and compassion to the world as we know it, starting with the relationship we have with ourselves.

For me, yoga is not a task to be completed or a trick to be performed. I see yoga as an invitation to show up, just as you are, with honesty, integrity and kindness for whatever you are bringing to the mat, any given day. It is from here that we can practice the art of noticing, non-judgemental awareness; practice peeling back the strong expectations we put on ourselves; practice using the tool of the breath to work with and maybe, just maybe, change something, transition, blossom.

See you on the mat!

Scheduled Classes:

Mondays at 11:30-12:45pm – Gentle Flow

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