The truth is I don’t really enjoy ‘working out’ – I used to belong to a health club and would spend time doing various exercises while my mind raced about the past & into the future and the only time spent on the present moment was watching the clock to see how much longer I had to be there. I first stepped onto the yoga mat in 1998 at this health club however it wasn’t until I stepped back onto my mat in 2001 at Niyama Yoga Studio in Wilmette that I really connected with the practice. When my friend invited me to join her at this new studio I told her Yoga wasn’t for me – that I had already tried it and didn’t get anything out of it. Well, to say the least she was persistent and got me back on the mat. I can’t imagine my life without the yoga practice, it’s a part of my daily life and has helped me with many life changes and challenges. What I love most about yoga is it got me out of the gym and onto my mat which truly allows me to be in the present moment & has many physical, emotional, mental & spiritual benefits which I like to call “side-effects”.

In 2004, I completed my Hatha Yoga Teaching Training Certification with Suddha Weixler founder of the Chicago Yoga Center. I never thought about teaching since I have had a fear of public speaking my entire life, I enrolled in the training to have a better understanding of the practice. Mac McHugh helped me get over my fear of public speaking by inviting me to co-teach her Niyama Hot, Karma class ! Since then I continue to deepen & expand my knowledge by participating in teacher trainings and workshops. I have also studied with Mac McHugh, John Friend, Rolf Gates, Manju Jois, Martin & Jordan Kirk, Amy Ippoliti, Noah Maze and Desiree Rumbaugh just to name a few. I will be forever grateful for my “persistent friend” and all the inspiring teachers & students I have had the opportunity to study and practice with. Whether I’m teaching Niyama Hot Yoga™, Gentle Yoga, or Vinyasa Flow my main focus is my students connection to their growth/experience of their own essence while keeping them safe on their mat by educating them with correct alignment (based on the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment). When I’m not teaching yoga I’m massaging. I have my own private practice (massage & private yoga instruction) at WellSpring Intergrative Medicine located downtown Evanston, since 2002. I have been studying and practicing Shiatsu since 1999; completed over 700 hours of training and am certified from the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York, NY/Evanston, IL, Soma Veda Thai Yoga Massage, Flying Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage Therapy and Reiki.

My hearts intention is helping people heal thru massage and yoga instruction. I integrate many techniques in a holistic approach to ensure the receiver is able to gain access to their own inner healing ability in order to obtain a deeper connection within their body, mind & spirit. I not only listen to what my clients/students are saying but also to what their body’s are communicating and meet them exactly where they are in growth and development with compassion, encouragement and reverence.

Kristin Andrews
Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu/Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

Scheduled Classes:
Sundays at 12:30-2:00pm –  Niyama Hot
Tuesdays at 1:00-2:15pm – 75 min Niyama Flow
Tuesdays at 7:00-8:15pm – 75 min Niyama Hot
Thursdays at 7:00-8:30pm – Niyama Hot
Fridays at 9:30-10:45am – 75min Niyama Hot

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