I began practicing Yoga when I was 16 years old. As a former gymnast, Yoga seemed to be an easy transition from one acrobatic world to another. The absence of competition was replaced by a harmonic quiet that my mind easily welcomed. It wasn’t until 2014 that Yoga used its powers and took on a greater role in my life. I was living in Lima, Peru and I was struggling with adjusting to a new living space in a culture that I wasn’t familiar with. I was inclined to practice with more frequency and consciously tended to intention. The practice gave me the tools to evolve and I gradually became more receptive to the teachings and philosophy of Yoga. Then, in 2016 I took the steps at completing my certification with the objective to deepen my personal practice.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to live in Sweden. I was challenged to critique humanity’s acceptance of power structures and its influence on global inequalities and environmental degradation. This enriching experience allowed me to meet people from all different ontological backgrounds. Through these thoughtful exchanges, I felt that I was living out Yoga in the modern, everyday world. I see Yoga as a verb; it is a word of action that includes much more than the poses we encounter within the boundaries of the Shala.

Yoga inspires to soften the rough edges of our thoughts and open our hearts. By looking inwardly, Yoga offers a way to use our ears to listen, our eyes to see, and our mind to understand. In my young life, I have had the honor to live in 5 countries, and therefore practice, learn, and share with teachers from many walks of life. When we allow life to happen, we begin to see our lives as a fable. These vignettes bring moments that demonstrate the importance of compassion and tolerance as we all explore our beautiful shared world each on our own path.

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