12/1: GLOW in the Dark Flow with Kristin Andrews
Saturday, December 1st – 3:00-4:30pm
Cost: $30 in advance

75min class taught by Kristin under the glow of dark lights.

Music Playlist TBD – you’ll hear great tunes while doing yoga with black lights, glow in the dark body paint, glow sticks and more… Wear BRIGHT White or NEON if you wanna GLOW even more.

12/8: Yin and Restorative Workshop
with Barb Sheridan
Saturday, December 8th from 2:30-4:30pm
Cost: $30

Questions? Email Barb at barb_sheridan@yahoo.com

During this two-hour session, you will spend time practicing a mix of Yin and Restorative poses (asanas).   The complementary nature of these two styles of yoga will help you to create a deep sense of balance within.  Both practices move slowly and will focus on only a few poses throughout the session.  When we slow down physically, we have more time to devote to our internal world.  These practices assist in focusing on the breath and remaining in the present moment.

Yin Yoga increases flexibility by working deep into connective tissues of ligaments, joints and fascial networks.  You will feel a deep stretch as you remain passive in each asana.

Restorative Yoga is also a passive form of yoga that utilizes props to place you in a comfortable, resting position.  You will have an opportunity to let-go and restore as you rest in each pose.

Most poses will last between 5-8 minutes and will be conducted on the floor.  This practice is suitable for all levels.